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Our New Address:
Hangar D1
46114 Airport Road
Chilliwack, BC
V2P 1A5


We are AMO (Approved Maintenance Organization) certified as well as hold various RDs (Repair Designs) and PDAs (Part Design Approvals).


AMO 10-89: Approved Maintenance Organization
CHT is an Approved Maintenance Organization certified to perform maintenance, repair and overhaul services to structural composite and metallic aircraft structures. Some of the repairs performed are as per the aircraft manufacturer's SRM (Structural Repair Manual) but most often, far exceed the limits allowed by the OEM.

arrowAMO 10-89:Approved Maintenance Organization for Components
CHT is authorized to perform maintenance on the attached components.

AMO 10-89: Distribution
CHT is Transport Canada approved to distribute previously certified aeronautical components.

AMO 10-89: Manufacture
CHT is Transport Canada approved to manufacture composite and metallic structural components and assemblies, either from customer supplied drawings or from drawings and specifications approved by our in-house engineering group.

PDA01-5: Dash 8 Forward Butt Plates, Lower Engine Cowl
CHT has done over 89 major repairs to the lower engine cowls on the Dash 8. Many of these repairs include changing the fwd butt plates. Invariably, the pilot holes of OEM replacement butt plates do not line up with the holes at their intended attachment point. CHT holds a PDA (equivalent to a PMA in the US) to manufacture these parts without the predrilled pilot holes for the attachment rivets or the locating pin. These parts can, therefore be matched drilled upon installation without the problem of elongating predrilled holes or redrilling completely new holes. The parts do include the large slot and smaller aft slot which engages the upper nacelle locating pin. The part numbers are as follows:

CHT PDA Part# replaces OEM Part#
TCCA-PDA-C87140414-109 87140414-109
TCCA-PDA-C87140414-110 87140414-110
TCCA-PDA-C87140414-111 87140414-111
TCCA-PDA-C87140414-112 87140414-112